Illusionist Chris Craft, originally from New York, has been dazzling audiences for nearly 30 years. Thousands of people have enjoyed his illusions. From his electrifying coin manipulation to his extraordinary stage illusions, he leaves people of all ages in wonder. All performances include a mixture of magic, lights, music, juggling, and mime.

Upon special request Chris can perform his newest illusion, “The Fire Box“.  This includes a fire show and an appearance from his amazing chihuahua,” Paco“, that performs tricks with audience participation.

Aside from performing well-known illusions, he also creates and builds his own tricks. No other magician in the world has these illusions. Chris Crafts’ talents include:

  • Magic (Stage): This is done with audience participation. Each performance includes $2,000 – $10,000 worth of magic. The highest quality of magic.
  • Magic (Close-Up): Capable but not limited to coins, cards, silks, rope, and money. For 8 years alone Chris studied magic with coins and is the best around.
  • Balloon Animals: Another specialty. Chris is able to make over 80 different animals and hats. From golf clubs to helicopters, he knows them all.
  • Juggling: One, two, and three ball routines – done with comedy. Adults are also encouraged to join in.
  • Pantomime: Invisible walls, moon walks, and ladder pulls. What more to spice up a magic trick?
  • Music: Every performance includes magic choreographed to music that kids and adults can relate to.
  • Lights: If permissible, a portable light show is available at no extra cost. This makes the magic stand out and gives your event the magical touch.

Please – after looking over the above information – if you have any questions give us a call! Your event will get special attention, for every show is different. Magic shows for kids, adults, banquets, or any occasion are available. Dates are limited, so please call as soon as possible so that you may have the most energetic, electrifying magic show in the area. To read more about Chris Craft and see some of his illusions go to