In our employment, we have award winning “Corky and Bubbles” the clowns – the most talented clowns in the area! After reading through the following capabilities of our clowns, you will see why you can expect more with your clowns.

Corky and Bubbles’ talents include:

    • Magic: The biggest and best magic available. Over $700 worth of magic is included in every performance. This is real magic that will even fool the adults and audience participation is always encouraged.
    • Balloon Animals: This is a specialty for “Corky and Bubbles”. They are capable of creating over eighty different animals, objects, and hats. From poodles to motorcycles, they know them all.
    • Face Painting: Only hypo-allergenic, non toxic, water soluble makeup is used. Anything from a clown face to a dragon. Temporary tattoos are also available.
    • Sound Effects: You might think they are a thing of the past, but “Corky and Bubbles” perform them. They enhance the show, and are a must with every performance.
    • Juggling: One, two, and three ball routines are done with a comical twist. Children and adults are also encouraged to give it a try. “Corky and Bubbles” can also do passing routines together.
    • Pantomime: Invisible walls, moon walking, and ladder pulls. These efffects are performed throughout the show.
    • Music: A collection of songs choreographed to accompany each facet of the show.